About me

About me

Vladimir Ivanov

Vladimir Ivanov was born in 1980. He was fond of music since early age and started playing the piano and the guitar, and later on the violin. At the age of 14 he was fascinated by the idea of making bowed string musical instruments and began studying lutherie. He was taught by the Cremona’s masters: Ernesto Vaia, Massimo Negroni and Maestro Claudio Amighetti.

In 2012 he participated and won the Pisogne competition in Italy with his violin, after specializing in making new instruments. He finds lutherie as a profession in which he can always evolve. A lot of the professional musicians and students from Europe, USA, Japan and China play on his instruments.

Since 2013 he lives and works in Brühl, Germany.

Vladimir took part in the 9th International Competition for Contemporary Stringed Instruments A.N.L.A.I. Kazanlak, Bulgaria 2018 and won the 1* prize in Antiqued Viola Category for Professionals. This again was a great recognition of his craftsmanship and skills among his distinguished colleagues, musicians and professionals worldwide.