15 Feb 2016

Xiaoxing Jin

My dear Master. I have been looking for violins for years. Your violin is surely the best. Your craftsmanship is the best. The sound is great. It is surely my favorite. I like your Strad. 1715. And I think you may copy some Strad 1716 and 1714. Milstein 1716, Soil 1714 and Medicci 1716 Missiah 1716.  The G period of Strad.

15 Feb 2016

Miriam Pancheva

My name is Miriam and I am 16 years old. I play in the orchestra at Dundonald Primary School in Wimbledon with this violin, and did a solo at one of our performances. The pianist was very impressed by this violin and the teachers, including my music teacher. I have also done a Grade 5 exam with the Royal Academy of Music, and passed it with distinction. I have participated at the concert in the Bulgarian Embassy in London and […]